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Web Design - Graphics & Ad Banners

Banner adverts, headers and interesting graphics can be just as important as factual content on the site itself. We design interesting and creative graphics to both attract people to your site and then keep them interested and stimulated once they are there.

Prices for the graphics displayed below start from £10. Please contact us for more information or a quote.

Flash Intro Design

BC's DJ intro
The following animation was created for BC's DJs, with a 3D bar, used in conjunction with Flash animation.


Flash Headers

Flash headers can add that extra bit of 'zip' to your site, which might make all the difference between a sale and another casual browser.

Tembeza Kenya - header used on each page of the website as a header. Click the image below to view animation or Click Here for website.



Flash Banner Advert Design

DoubleClick, the largest internet ad network, reports that viewers click on Flash ads nine times more often than on standard GIF ads. You can't argue with those figures, so if you are looking for effective advertising, why not go with Flash?

T-Arty.com Ad (Flash) - The example below shows an advert created for an online t-shirt company. Each part of the Flash banner directs you to different pages / websites, to ensure maximum effectiveness and drive sales.


JPG / GIF Ad Banners

N.B. If you have clicked something further up the page it will have paused these animated GIFs. Please refresh the page (F5) to restart them.

Poker Bonuses

Poker Bonuses
Holdem Assistant



We can create cartoon graphics (as seen below) for ads, print, t-shirt designs, logos or anything you require. Such designs can also be animated.

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