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3D Design - bring it to life!

3D work can transform just about anything and present your product in a totally new light.

New buildings, patent pending designs, new products in need of advertising, or simply interesting an innovative cosmetic imagery; all can look fantastic with the help of 3D. We offer final products broadly in the 3 following forms.

  • Still imagery - show images in amazing, photorealistic quality.
  • Animations - present your 3D product in a whole new light.
  • Virtual Reality - explore your product, walk around it, play with it.
All work can be presented on the web or in print.

3D Architecture

3D Architecture can look incredibly realistic. We can provide models accurate to the mm, or indeed just conceptual representations, for whatever purpose.

The most common uses are for new build representations, property conversions or re-decorations of existing premises - much like you see on advertising boards around town, or on TV programs like 'Grand Designs'.

In those circumstances images are produced for promotional material once designs are finalised, however we can also help during the design process, for example helping with colour schemes and layouts. We can even create a virtual reality representation of your new building for you to walk around, for much less than you might expect!


Characters & More

If it exists in the real world it can exist in 3D... infact more interestingly, if it DOESN'T exist in the real world, it can still exist in 3D. If you are interested in using 3D design work, here are a few ideas for possible uses.

  • Animated characters
  • New product advertising
  • Concept realisation for patents etc
  • Illustration of product mechanisms
  • Stylish imagery for the web, print and presentations




Our prices are calculated on an hourly rate of £10 p.h. or on a project by project basis. We also offer discounts for larger projects. As a guide, the table below illustrates general project timescales and prices.

Item Price
3D Company Logo £25
House - exterior only £100
Boxing Ring / UFC Octagon £100
Animated Character £450
Football Stadium - high detail £1500

We also have a number of generic products which you may like to use. If you have a use for an item in our portfolio, please contact us.



Extended Portfolio

If you would like to see more examples of our work, please click here.

3D Buy it Now!

If you have access to 3D software, you can purchase a number of our generic products (to use as you wish) via Gamasutra Exchange at the link opposite. However, you can also buy any of those products direct from us at 60% of the price. If you want to do that, email us and we can arrange transfer of the item and payment via Paypal.

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